Chris Hague is a professional Fly Fishing Instructor / Guide who is based in Yorkshire. Chris is known for demonstrating in the UK and abroad. His passion is catching anything on the fly from Trout, Grayling, Sea Trout, Salmon and Pike to saltwater species.

Chris has travelled to many countries including Iceland, USA, Dubai, Mauritius, Thailand, Mexico and Kenya to name a few, in pursuit of species such as Salmon, Tarpon, Travelly, Barracuda, Sailfish, Tuna, Snook and Bonefish. He is a member of both the Game Angling Instructors' Association and Fly Fishers International and holds both organisations top awards in both single and double-handed disciplines. He is also a qualified assessor for both organisations and has assessed candidates taking their fly fishing qualifications extensively in the UK and Europe.

Chris is also a Guideline Chris Hague Power Team member and guides on rivers and stillwaters.

He also teaches individuals, couples and group workshops as well as mentoring anyone who would like to become a qualified instructor for both the Game Angling Instructors Association and the Fly Fishers International. Chris has travelled extensively within Europe and the USA to work with some of the most highly qualified instructors in an attempt to perfect his casting and develop his teaching methods. Chris believes casting should look elegant and dreamy and can best be described as a casting junkie who spends hours perfecting different techniques.

His relaxed teaching style sets students at ease and although he likes students to understand the mechanics of the cast he is conscious not to baffle them with technical jargon. Chris has a broad knowledge of casting styles / techniques and his aim is to provide quality instruction using first-class equipment and up-to-date teaching methods.

If you are interested in learning fly casting or developing your existing skill-set please contact Chris
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