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Fly Fishing In Mexico


Mexico Fly Fishing Trip 20/04/2016

I have just returned from a fly fishing trip to Mexico.  I fished Ascension Bay with a guide for a few days and I also fished the coast line around Xpu ha / Tulum (DIY)

Ascension Bay was great, I fished with a company called Pesca Maya Fly Fishing Company who was excellent.  You can stay at their lodge or they will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel FOC which is a bonus. The south of the bay is much better than the north lagoons as there are far more fish in that vicinity.  Although the flats wading in the north is very good.  The fish do  seem spooky in the north,  this could possibly be caused by fishing pressure as there is a lot of fishing going on in that area.  This is a great place to fish though and the weather is much better than the UK. I had plenty of fish to the boat with these guides, Bone Fish, Jacks, Blue Runners, Red Snappers etc but very few were over two pounds in weight.

Coastal fishing was great on calm days as you could sight fish, but when the wind got up it was chuck and chance as the surf disturbed the sand and made it impossible to sight fish.  I still caught fish in these tricky conditions though, mainly from the shallow surf.  I caught a lot of Bone fish, Skip Jacks and small Permit.

For anybody travelling to Mexico and thinking about fishing just to let you know you don’t need a license to fish from the coast line, only if you are fishing from a boat.  But you cannot fish within one hundred feet of swimmers etc so I was informed by a guide?


I would highly recommend fishing in Mexico.  Below are a few tips:-

Take a small set of pliers as it can be a problem getting hooks out of small fish with a large pair of salt pliers.

Flies I would recommend for Bone Fish are Gotcha, Pink puff, Crazy Charlie and small Crab patterns.

Take a few streamer patterns in case you bump into any larger fish, Snook, Permit etc.

I took 6 and 8 weight rods but some people had 9 and 10 weights on the boats just in case a big lump turned up.

Anybody who requires further information on fishing Mexico please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be happy to give you advice!