Fly Fishing On The River Nith At Friars Carse

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Fly Fishing On The River Derwent
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Fly Fishing On The River Nith At Friars Carse

Chris Hague Friars CArse

Fly Fishing On The River Nith At Friars Carse Sept 2016

Ian Griffin - Salmon catch

Ian Griffin with the Salmon he caught.

Pictured left Ian Griffin with the Salmon he caught
I was very kindly invited up to Friars Carse Hotel for a few days fishing by Ian Griffin who I know through the Game Angling Instructors Association.

Ian had just run a salmon fishing residential course at the hotel and asked if I would like to fish for a few days when the course had finished. Of course I accepted, it would be rude not to! Any chance to wet a Salmon line and I will be there.
The beat has some great pools and the scenery is beautiful with the hotel in the back drop from the river. We fished hard not stopping for lunch as I am a big believer if you work hard you get your just reward. In Ian’s case this was true. We were fishing down a great run and Ian let me go down first as he had gone first the previous day.

I took a couple of trout on the way through and jokingly turned to Ian and asked him if he had got his camera ready as I had seen a big salmon further down the pool with my name on it. I covered this fish many times with no joy, I did everything but knock it out with my Willie Gunn tube fly. Yes, you know the rest of the story Ian followed me down the pool and landed a very clean 10lb salmon, I had quite a few trout and a nice sea trout, but on this trip the salmon did not want to play for me. I really enjoyed fishing with Ian and the beat was very well maintained. I will go back again as it is a very nice beat.

For anybody who is interested Ian runs several courses each year. He does Trout and Grayling Courses and Salmon and Sea Trout Courses.

For further information you can contact Ian at or, contact Friars Carse Hotel direct and they will give you all the information you require.