Guideline 3D and 4D lines field report.

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The Salmon season is now well and truly over and on reflection it’s been a great season. I put all this success down to Guidelines 3D plus and 4D multi tip lines. There are some great rods, reels and lines on the market not just Guidelines, but the Guideline 3D and 4D lines are game changers for me. If I had not been using these lines I am convinced my fish return would have been far less this season.
I use the 3D Plus lines if I am going to be predominantly fishing one depth for long periods of time. If I want to slow the fly down on the swing or if I need to get down deep quickly the 3/5/8 is the line for that job but it’s not just about getting deep quick. It’s the angle that the line sinks that stands this line apart from other lines. It never seems to get snagged up on rocks etc and the strike detection is superb. If I could only have two 3D plus lines they would have to be the 1/3/5 and the 3/5/8 but I am lucky and I have the full range at my disposal which I have put to good use this season.If I’m fishing water of multiple depths I use the 4D lines as it is easy to quickly swap a tip and go shallower or deeper depending on the situation.
I carry the full range of bodies and tips which allows me to speed up or slow down the swing of the fly. The tips allow me to fish different depths making this line very versatile. The 4D is a great line for taking on trips when you don’t know the water very well as it covers every base. The only down side for me is when you’re landing fish the junctions between shooting line to body and tip to body clunk a little when passing through the rod guides, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of fish you land. I run trips to Iceland on a regular basis and this is my go to line, it is also what I advise my clients to use. Both lines cast really easily and I think carrying a combination of both lines has been the main reason for my catch rates this year.. My two go to 4D set ups are Float/ Float body/S1/S3 tip and the Float/Float body with the 3/5 tip but I change the bodies to control the speed of the fly so I would recommend carrying at least two of the three bodies.
Check the lines out to see your options. Use the search bar, type in the line name and the information is all there on the lines giving you technical advice on which lines are best suited to the different fishing situations you encounter. If your looking for a great Christmas present look no further.

Chris Hague
Guideline Power Team
FFI Double & Single Handed Master Casting Instructor
Guideline PowerTeam
Fly Fishers International


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