Whether you are a beginner or have fished for years use Chris Hague's experience and knowledge - book a guided day or lesson.

Chris is one of the most qualified instructors in the UK. He has fished and guided in many countries around the world for multiple species and he runs destination fishing trips on a regular basis. He is very current when it comes to styles of fly fishing and equipment and he has a wealth of experience to share with you. He prides himself on giving his clients the best possible guided day covering every aspect of fly fishing possible, leaving no stone unturned and constantly giving out tips and tricks in an attempt to improve your catch rates and make sure you get the maximum out of your guided day.

Chris runs guided days throughout the UK for Salmon, Trout and Grayling. If you are interested in a guided day or a destination fishing trip please don’t hesitate to contact him info@flyfishingwithchrishague.co.uk

Day permits are not included in the above prices.