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Been very busy teaching today with a wide variety of skill levels on single and double handed rods.   My first lesson was with husband and wife Peter and Carole with double handed rod.  Both did exceptionally well as it was only their second lesson with me.   Peter is quite competent and Carole is beginning to look very comfortable with a double handed rod in her hand.

I then had Russell a total beginner, with a  single handed rod.  It was also his second lesson.  He is progressing well and today we put a fly on and managed to land him a couple of Rainbow trout.  It was like watching a kid on Christmas day when he landed his first trout.  Happy days.

My final lesson was a gentleman called Kim who had quite a bit of river fishing experience with a single handed rod,  but wanted to improve his casting.  He did very well, we covered loads of stuff and hopefully it will help him to up his catch rate.

Well done to all today’s clients who all worked very hard and were a pleasure to teach.  Anybody interested in lessons, individual, pairs or group workshops please don’t hesitate to get in touch.