Gordy Hill

IFFF, CBOG Emeritus

I’ve been teaching fly-casting and fly fishing for many years.  As a member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, it was a pleasure for me to host, as lead examiner, Chris Hague’s examinations to become a Master Certified Instructor. Chris performed flawlessly, every task on his casting performance exam, even to the extent that he was able to perform extra tasks I added to confirm his exceptional competence. When we administered his extensive oral examination which covered advanced casting mechanics, fly tackle, teaching knowledge, ethics and many other aspects of our fly-fishing World, we were impressed with his unusually complete knowledge. We are fortunate to have Chris as a member of our sport community!

Simon Fish

GAIA Associate member

Chris’s repertoire in double-handed casting techniques is complete to the standard which befits any mentor/teacher in my opinion and I would not hesitate in recommending  him to any person with a desire to learn to fly-cast.
Chris’s teaching style is very accurate and to the point, but at the same time he has a laid back approach which puts learners at ease which I think is an advantage to someone wishing to learn. His demonstrations are always concise and slick, many times I have heard clients envious  comments. Chris is always open to discussions with a class if anyone asks a question.
Personal Development
Chris has allowed me to stand in on many of his lessons, both group and one-to-one sessions, which have been a major benefit to myself, both with the casting side and with the lesson delivery, and it is my hope that I can emulate Chris’s skills sometime in the future.
Simon was mentored by Chris and has now gained his Game Angling Instructors certificate.

Jim Curry

Guideline Sales UK and Ireland

It's a pleasure to work with Chris at Guideline and he is a crucial part of the elite Guideline Pro Team in the UK and Ireland. His input into product design has helped Guideline products evolve to meet the demands of the modern fly fisher. On the water his skill set and passion for the sport shines through at all times. Having watched him perform casting demonstrations at the countries biggest fishing shows he never misses a beat. Always delivering the most professional demos on any given day. If you are new to the sport or looking to elevate your casting and fishing to the next level you will not find a better instructor or guide than Chris Hague. Cheers Jim Curry

Adam Williams

Couldn't be improved, has only increased my desire to fish! Thank you.

Terry Dodson

Excellent tuition, informative, helpful and always enjoyable course. Learnt more in five lessons than in the last five year's trout fishing.

Ray Hardcastle

Tuition was explained in a simple and understandable manner. Thank you Chris

Eleanor Duncan

Easy to follow explanations and practical, good encouragement. Can't wait to start fishing!

James Rhodes

Excellent induction to the sport. Many thanks

Richard Wilson

Good all round.

David Bailey

Very good 2 days training. Good coaching style with professional approach.

Paul Carter

Really enjoyed it, things well explained easy to understand, first rate.

Bob Pickup

Excellent course, will be back for more lessons. Thank you.

Ken Wilson

Good session. Gave me the knowledge to work on. Impressed.

Dave Roberts

The sessions were very professionally presented at a pace that suits my style. I learnt more than expected and have noticed a massive difference. I will be back for further courses if they are available. Highly recommended. Many thanks Chris.

Mike Gnap

Good fun and very educational.

Ian Mattherson

Very good, feel more confident now.

Liam Felstead

Chris has a friendly approach and comes across with knowledge. Which he is able to explain in an easy to understand manner.

Andy Taylor

Th instruction has been excellent and my technique has improved greatly look forward to some river experience with Chris in the New Year. Thank you.

Janet Palmer

First-class tuition for a beginner. I now feel much more confident. Tuition was explained and instructed in a very understandable manner.

Richard Stansfield

A thoroughly  enjoyable 6+ hours of group tuition. Teaching broken down into steady steps, when put together the results are surprisingly satisfying. Looking to learn further. Highly recommended.

Ian Hunter

Great course, looking forward to the next stage. I would like further tuition February 2015!!