Guideline NT8 Rod Testing.

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Elevation Rod Guideline Fario
Guideline 9 ft 4w Elevation rod, with the Guideline Fario Elite line
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Guideline NT8 Rod Testing.

Spey Casting Lesson



I recently did a practice session in preparation for the possibility of some upcoming demonstrations that potentially may still be going ahead later this year. This is all dependant on the CV19 situation, but I like to be well prepared. I also like to use all the Guideline kit at my disposal so if I am asked a question about a products at these shows I can give honest feedback and not just repeat exactly what it says word for word on the Guideline website. I pride myself on forming my own opinion and giving honest feedback back on the equipment. Guideline also appreciate that feedback, as they are a very forward thinking company searching for perfection in their products and also looking for more effective ways to manufacture equipment without damaging our planet which is very important. They use the feedback given by their field staff to try and achieve those goals.

In the practice session I mentioned above I used the Guideline Fario NT8 9ft 6 weight, I have used this rod and an NT8 double handed rod for the last two years for all my demonstrations. I have total confidence in these rods when stood up in front of an audience I love the NT8 range and use many of the single hand and double handed rods for my own fishing, which tells you everything really. If anybody requires honest feedback and not just a sales pitch on any Guideline products please message me and I will come back to you ASAP.  Tight lines everybody and I hope you all have a great season.