Shuwari Sportfishing Diani Beach Kenya October 2017

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Shuwari Sportfishing Diani Beach Kenya October 2017

Shuwari Sport Fishing Kenya

I have just returned from Kenya where I spent a lot of time fishing with the guys from Shuwari Sportfishing Diani Beach. The owner and avid fisherman Raymond Matiba  I can only describe as a complete gentleman who goes the extra mile to put his clients on fish and to make their  trip the best it could possibly be. I really enjoyed  fishing with Raymond and the crew and I built up a great friendship with the guys. The fishing was excellent and we caught several species. The Yellow Finn Tuna being my favourite, this fish is total muscle and is the hardest fighting fish I have ever caught and that includes GT. Before I left Raymond asked me if I would be prepared to be an ambassador for Shuwari Sportfishing. I was honoured to accept his invitation. I would have no hesitation recommending these guys to any of my clients or fishing buddies as they run a first class operation.  If anybody requires further information about Shuwari Sportfishing click the link on my home page which takes you straight  to their web site or contact me and I will be only pleased  to help provide the information you require. Below is a brief description of the crew supplied by Raymond which gives you an insight into his and the crews knowledge etc.

Juma – is the skipper and has 27 years experience fishing the Kenyan Coastal waters. He has a wealth of knowledge about the different species of fish and the habits they have in the different conditions which more often than not lands you in the right place to have a shot at your target species. Juma has just come back from a season in Cape Verde and is keen to show the rest of the crew how they do it there!

Ali Kiza – is the youngest member of the crew, but is the first mate. He is also passionate about fishing and tries his very best to get clients the fish of their dreams. He is always active on the deck trying this lure and adjusting that line to make sure that the lures are running absolutely perfectly. His eyesight is also amazing and he sees the fish before anyone else on the boat!

Murefu (swahili for long chap) is the newest member of the team, and is our resident mechanic. He looks after the engines like his own children and ensures that the boat is top mechanical shape at all times. He is also the on board chef and prepares the hot breakfast and lunches in between setting lines and wiring fish. He has also become very good at seeing fish on the strike. Last season, while on our way to collect a client for a night fishing trip, he caught Shuwari’s 100th sailfish of the season!

As for me, I am just a passionate sea angler. My father introduced me to fishing in 1975, and the bug has never left me. I fish any moment I can. This has rubbed off on our two sons and so it has become a family affair. We love to try and share our passion with more people as apart from being relaxing, it gives people an appreciation of the beauty that the seas hold for Humanity