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Gordy Hill

The following article by Gordy Hill was written on 07/02/2016 for the International Federation of Fly Fishers study group.

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I always like to let you know who the Study Group contributors are when I can.

Chris Hague is from Great Britain.  He didn’t enter the MCI Study Group until after he passed his exam and became a Master.  I was his lead examiner when he came across the “pond” for the exam.  I was amazed at how much he knew, so I pushed him to to try to seek his limit with esoteric questions that even some other examiners wouldn’t have been able to answer.  Truth is, I could not crack him.  He answered every one.   Then we did the casting exam.  He got a perfect score on every task and did very well on some tasks I gave him which were beyond the exam level.  In short, I felt he was THE BEST candidate I ever examined.  Such a pleasure to have a candidate like that.  Hint:  He’d had a superb mentor.

On reading Gordy’s comments I felt humbled by his kind words as this guy is a legend in the fly fishing world and somebody I have great respect for. The privilege was all mine to be examined by him.