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Guideline Reel Review

Chris Hague on Guideline Reels

As a Guideline Power Team member I’m often asked about Guideline products. I am fortunate to get lots of Guideline equipment to test in the field. Our feedback is then fed back to the company who use this information to constantly try and improve their products. That’s the great thing about Guideline they are constantly striving to improve products. This year has seen a big push towards producing greener more environmentally friendly products. Long may this continue as we seriously need to protect the planet we live in.

My favourite reel amongst the Guideline range is the Vosso HD it has stunning good looks, it is manufactured from high class materials and the braking system handles large predatory fish with ease. I have caught Tarpon, GT, Queen fish and large Yellow Finn Tuna amongst other hard fighting species using the Vosso and it performs superbly. It is also my go to reel for my Salmon fishing, although the Guideline Halo has sneaked into my Salmon bag as well.

The Halo for me is probably the best value for money reel Guideline have produced and it is available from 2 /3 w SH right through to 9/11w DH. The reel has a smooth breaking system and a full rim cage. This reel punches way above its price point and you will often see me using this reel fishing for Trout and Salmon as well as using it on demonstrations.
This brings me to the Guideline Fario LW. This is a super light weight reel designed specifically for Trout fishing. It has great looks and a solid feel to it. I used this on my dry fly set up last year paired with an NT8 4w and a Fario line. This set up balances superb if your looking to purchase a new set up. In my honest opinion I love the Vosso and Fario reels but the Halo is the new kid on the block. It is stunning and is superb value for money.

Last but not least the Guideline Favo. This is a diecast reel but is designed with the same design elements as the Fario and Vosso reels, but comes at a fraction of the cost. So if your looking for a quality budget price reel then look no further. @ Cumbria