Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends and client’s @flyfishingwithchrishague.co.uk
Otters River Lune

Fishermans Friend

Not so much the “fishermans friend” but a delight to see a wild otter playing with her cubs. Walking my dog on a stretch of the […]
Ladykirk Salmon

Fishing The Ladykirk Beat On The River Tweed

I fished the Ladykirk beat today on the River Tweed. The weather was very good for the time of year and there was plenty of fish […]

Fly Fishing On The River Tweed At Horncliffe

I had a  good day fishing on the river Tweed in Scotland on the Horncliffe beat.  The ghillie Stephen Robinson worked very hard for us all day […]
game angling instructor association logo

Game Angling Instructors Association Assessments

I have been assessing for the Game Angling Instructors Association at Llangollen in Wales this weekend. It was great to catch up with everybody.  I would […]

Fly Fishing On The River Derwent

Had a great day fishing on the River Derwent today.  I had approx fifteen fish to the net and also lost half a dozen.  I like […]