Otters River Lune

Fishermans Friend

Not so much the “fishermans friend” but a delight to see a wild otter playing with her cubs. Walking my dog on a stretch of the […]
Ladykirk Salmon

Fishing The Ladykirk Beat On The River Tweed

I fished the Ladykirk beat today on the River Tweed. The weather was very good for the time of year and there was plenty of fish […]

Fly Fishing On The River Tweed At Horncliffe

I had a  good day fishing on the river Tweed in Scotland on the Horncliffe beat.  The ghillie Stephen Robinson worked very hard for us all day […]
game angling instructor association logo

Game Angling Instructors Association Assessments

I have been assessing for the Game Angling Instructors Association at Llangollen in Wales this weekend. It was great to catch up with everybody.  I would […]

Fly Fishing On The River Derwent

Had a great day fishing on the River Derwent today.  I had approx fifteen fish to the net and also lost half a dozen.  I like […]
Chris Hague Friars CArse

Fly Fishing On The River Nith At Friars Carse

Fly Fishing On The River Nith At Friars Carse Sept 2016 Pictured left Ian Griffin with the Salmon he caught I was very kindly invited up […]